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Dental Fear

Managing Dental Fear

Dental fear is a common issue affecting millions of people worldwide. In the United States, an estimated 9% to 15% of the population avoids seeking dental care due to fear. Dental fear is a problem for both the patient and the dental provider. Extremely fearful people will avoid a...

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No Prep Dental Veneers

Less Invasive Dentistry

Historically, dentistry has tended towards some rather invasive procedures that involve the reduction of healthy tooth enamel and oral tissues to create the desired esthetic enhancements or to accommodate dental crowns, bridges and veneers. As the demand for beautiful smiles increases, millions of healthy teeth are aggressively prepared each...

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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dental Technology

Digital dental technology is streamlining virtually every aspect of workflow in the modern dental practice. Working from a digital platform, dentists can design complex restorations, instantly share information with team members, quickly transfer files to the lab, and visually show patients diagnoses and treatment results. The practice with digital...

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