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Heather's Smile Makeover by Dr. Steinberg
Heather's Smile Makeover By Dr. Steinberg
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Laser Socket Disinfection

Dental laser socket disinfection has distinct advantages over traditional mechanical and chemical methods of disinfecting tooth extractionan illustration of laser socket disinfection showing one empty socket in a row of healthy teeth sockets. When a failed tooth is extracted, bacteria and their deposits remain in the bone and the soft tissues in and around the tooth extraction socket. Conventional methods of disinfecting extraction sockets use mechanical instruments, filing the socket walls, chemical irrigation and antibiotics.

Dental lasers are used to gently and efficiently remove bacterial infiltrate in the bone, mucosal tissue and the periodontal ligaments within the socket. Laser energy quickly disinfects extraction socket walls and the surrounding tissues without the need for mechanical filing, chemical irrigation or antibiotics.