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Tucson Dentures

With his advanced training in prosthodontics, Dr. Steinberg specializes in crafting secure, comfortable removable dentures.a complete set of dentures  With a well-made denture, you will feel confident when you smile and enjoy a wide range of food. People won’t know they aren’t your natural teeth.

Crafting a denture is a complex process with many steps. It takes time and multiple appointments. Dentists who offer bargain-priced dentures often skip steps to save money, and it’s evident in the end result.

A precision denture is:

  • Comfortable
  • Reasonably easy to eat with
  • Attractive

If a denture doesn’t fit well, problems can include:

  • Sore spots on the gum where the denture base rubs against it
  • Too much vertical height, so you can’t comfortably close your mouth
  • Too little vertical height, making your face look sunken

Components of a Quality Denture

A removable denture consists of artificial teeth set in a pink base that looks like gum tissue. Dr. Steinberg uses the highest quality materials, so your new denture will look lifelike and feel comfortable for as long as possible.

Acrylic Base

The denture base hugs your gums for a snug fit. It’s made of resilient acrylic that mimics your gum tissue. There are different grades of this material. Dr. Steinberg only uses premium acrylic, which won’t warp or shrink as it cures.

Porcelain Teeth

Dr. Steinberg uses porcelain teeth for their superior light reflectivity, color nuance, and strength. Sometimes other dentists use resin teeth instead of porcelain to save money. In addition to porcelain’s superior aesthetics, it doesn’t pick up stains the way resin does.

Crafting a Superior Denture

Dr. Steinberg designing dentures in his lab.At your first denture appointment, Dr. Steinberg will take impressions of your gums. Then he’ll create a custom tray to get even more accurate impressions of the hard and soft tissues inside your mouth. These impressions, besides enabling him to create an accurate model of your gums, help him know exactly how far he can extend the periphery of the denture for a comfortable, secure fit.

Next, he’ll take measurements to determine the vertical height for the denture. If your dentures are too tall, they will click when you talk. If they aren’t tall enough, you will overclose. An error in either direction will make the denture uncomfortable and can strain your TMJ join.

These steps will enable Dr. Steinberg to create a wax model of your new dentures. To ensure the most artistic, aesthetic smile, Dr. Steinberg will set your front teeth himself. He will then send a photo of that to his laboratory technician who will finish setting up the teeth in wax.

At your next appointment, you will try on a wax-up of the denture. This temporary denture will have a wax base. The teeth set in the wax will be the same as in your permanent denture to ensure you love their shape and color. If everything meets your approval, he’ll have the denture processed in a high-quality acrylic. Some adjustments may be needed when you come in for the delivery, and you’ll go home with a quality, natural-looking denture.

Securing Dentures with Dental Implants

Removable dentures have inherent drawbacks no matter how well they’re made. They rest on movable tissue, so there is always some movement when you eat. The upper denture is held in place with suction. The lower is just held by gravity, and it takes some practice to keep it in place with your cheeks and tongue. They will also become loose over time as your jawbone shrinks. That’s because your body uses the minerals in your jawbone if it doesn’t sense teeth that need jaw support.

With even the most basic implant denture, held by just two implants, you’ll experience better chewing ability and the security of knowing your denture will never slip out of place while you talk or eat. A denture held by four or more implants is even more secure. It will feel to you like you have your own natural teeth back, and it will look totally natural to others. Additionally, implants prevent irreversible jawbone loss.

If you’d like to learn more about removable dentures, please call us at (520)-886-3030. We will schedule you for a complimentary appointment so you can meet Dr. Steinberg and talk to him about your needs. You may also fill out our appointment request form, and we will call you.