Address: 2385 N Ferguson Ave Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: 520-886-3030
Dr. Steinberg working in his operatory
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Media Appearances of Dr. Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg has made several appearances on local TV shows.

Dr. Steinberg on Morning Blend – In a 2014 appearance on The Morning Blend Show, Dr. Howard M. Steinberg explains a few misconceptions about dental implants and describes some of the new advancements in dental technology and dental implant therapy.

Dr. Steinberg on Wellness Hour – Dr. Howard M. Steinberg describes his background and the specialty field of prosthodontics on “The Wellness Hour” with host Randy Alvarez.

Dr. Steinberg on KOLD News 13 – This video explains some of the services offered by Tucson prosthodontist Dr. Steinberg.