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Tucson Holistic Dentist

Many people have concerns about the substances they put in their bodies and want a holistic approach to their dental care. Dr. Steinberg focuses on preserving your natural tooth structure as much as possible. When you need restorative dental work, he will respond to your need for holistic methods to protect your dental health and make your smile beautiful.

Metal-Free Dentistry

Many people are concerned about putting metal in their body. Metal sensitivities are common, with about 15 percent of people allergic to nickel. Some patients are sensitive to beryllium, chromium, or cobalt. All of these metals are used in dentistry. If metals are a concern, Dr. Steinberg can provide metal-free crowns and other restorations. New high-tech ceramics that are extremely strong are not only highly functional but very natural-looking. Click the link to learn more about the metal-free crowns he offers.

Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Steinberg in his office explaining an image to a patient for holistic dentistryNot that many years ago, if you had a cavity in your tooth, the most common way to repair it was with a mercury amalgam filling. This amalgam is a mixture of mercury with an alloy of mostly silver, with some zinc, maybe copper, and other possible metals.  Though the American Dental Association maintains that mercury amalgam fillings are safe, Dr. Steinberg understands that some patients are uncomfortable with them.

There are drawbacks to amalgam fillings. Placing them requires removing not only the decay, but any weakened tooth structure that might otherwise be healthy. Composite fillings, however, bond to the tooth and will strengthen this weakened tooth structure, so it can be preserved. Furthermore, metal amalgam fillings will actually weaken the tooth, making it more susceptible to fracture. A composite filling strengthens the tooth. Composite also, since it matches your tooth color, is much more aesthetic.

Some patients would like their mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced with new filling materials. Though the ADA states that amalgam fillings are safe, Dr. Steinberg understands and respects the concerns of patients who prefer to have them replaced. He offers sanitary amalgam removal to prevent you from swallowing the debris or breathing in mercury vapors during the removal of the filling.

If you have other concerns about sensitivities to dental materials, Dr. Steinberg will respect your concerns and will try to accommodate you. He specializes in treating complex cases that other dentists don’t know what to do with, and he treats the whole patient. If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Steinberg to discuss holistic ways to enhance your oral health and your smile, please call us at (520) 886-3030. You can also fill out this form, and we will call you.