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Heather's Smile Makeover by Dr. Steinberg
Heather's Smile Makeover By Dr. Steinberg
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Tucson Lumineers

Lumineers are a well-known brand of ultrathin porcelain veneers. Traditional porcelain veneers are around 0.5 millimeter thick or more. Lumineers can be made 0.3 millimeter thick. That means that in some cases they can be placed without any tooth preparation.

They’re popular because the company that makes them, DenMat,an ultrathin veneer, similar to Lumineers, being placed on a tooth spends a lot of money advertising them. But they’re also popular with some dentists because they are presented to them as easy to place. The Lumineers training course is short, so even dentists without cosmetic dentistry skills can place them. And without any tooth preparation, the dentist can just send a model of the patient’s teeth to the Lumineers lab to have them made.

Lumineers Is Only One Brand

However, there are other brands of ultrathin veneers that give the dentist the same option of giving you a new smile without any tooth preparation, without the restrictions placed by DenMat. They require that Lumineers can only be made by their own large laboratory. Most expert cosmetic dentists prefer the other brands because they’re not impressed with the work of the Lumineers lab. Dr. Steinberg likes working with his own master ceramist, so he will recommend to you a different brand, if you want no-prep veneers.

Like all veneers, ultra-thin veneers are useful for:

  • Concealing stained or misshapen teeth
  • Hiding gaps between teeth
  • Beautifying your smile

Advantages of Ultrathin Veneers Like Lumineers

The advantage of ultrathin veneers is Dr. Steinberg doesn’t necessarily have to prepare your teeth by removing enamel. Many patients find that reassuring, even though the amount of enamel removed during tooth preparation is very small.

With either ultrathin veneers or traditional porcelain veneers, Dr. Steinberg will ask about your goals and hopes for your dental restoration and create a smile design that meets those goals and complements your appearance and personality.

If you’d like to learn more about a smile makeover with ultrathin veneers, please call our office at (520)-886-3030 or fill out this form, and we will call you. Your first visit will be a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and options for treatment.