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Heather's Smile Makeover by Dr. Steinberg
Heather's Smile Makeover By Dr. Steinberg
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Dental Crowns

an illustration of an arch of teeth and two different crowns -- one all-porcelain and one porcelain-fused-to-metalDental crowns, also known as caps, are manmade covers that can be placed over teeth that are damaged, severely worn or in a generally bad condition. They crown the tooth, which is first filed into shape, and leave it looking gorgeous. In addition to making teeth look better, crowns add strength to the underlying tooth structure, so they reduce the risk of cracks or other kinds of structural damage.

Crowns have been around for many years, but until recently they had a substructure made of metal, which meant they often appeared strangely dull and lifeless. Over time, these had a tendency to develop a darker, metallic discoloration near the gum line. Today, however, all-ceramic and porcelain dental crowns are available. Modern dental crowns look completely natural and, better still, they can last for many years.