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Laser Cavity Preparation

an illustration of a tooth being prepared for a filling with laser cavity preparationCavity preparation with a dental laser is a minimally invasive alternative to the conventional method of drilling cavities. Before a cavity can be restored with a filling, the infected tissue must be removed. Otherwise, the cavity will continue to grow and a restorative filling would fail. A high-speed drill with a bur is traditionally used in cavity preparation. But many patients dislike the noise, vibration and anesthetic shot associated with drilling.

Although drilling removes the infected tissue within a cavity, a drill and bur can easily destroy healthy tooth structure. Alternatively, a dental laser targets only the infected tissue in a cavity. The healthy enamel and dentin is unharmed by the laser and more tooth structure is preserved. Unlike the aggressive action of a drill, a dental laser conservatively prepares cavities for restoration without noise, vibration or the need for a local anesthetic.

Other uses for lasers in dentistry include: