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Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentist on Yelp!?

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Question submitted by: Carol Anne

I hope you can help me, but realize I am on a short time frame and you may not see this in time. I am 53 years old with fair skill. I am looking to get a complete smile makeover with porcelain veneers. I want to know what colors would look good for me. I’ve narrowed the dentist down to the top three cosmetic dentists listed on Yelp, but want to go in knowledgeable so I get the right smile. I’m looking at BL1 but do you think that will be too white for my age/skin color? While I’m here, can you also tell me if there are any special procedures I need to know about for upkeep with these?

Carol Anne

Dear Carol Anne,

Image of a woman with a pretty smile.


I am glad you wrote. The most important issue is the dentist you choose to do the smile makeover. I can tell that you are trying to be careful about that. Unfortunately, Yelp! is not the way to approach this because of how they rank services. While I use Yelp! myself, it is for services such as plumber, electrician etc., I would not use it for finding the best cosmetic dentist. Yelp! bases their ratings on customer feedback. The problem lies in the fact that they do not distinguish between the services being rated.

For example, I just looked up “Best Cosmetic Dentist” for a medium sized city. Then, I looked more closely at the top three dentists on the list. Two of the three practitioners did not do cosmetic work at all. Their 5 star ratings were for things like, “friendly office,” or “I was in and out on TIME!” This won’t exactly help you get a gorgeous smile.  The other dentist on the list did show that he did some cosmetic dentistry on his website. However, he had no smile gallery, which is always a warning sign that this is not a dentist with real cosmetic training. When I dug into his post-doctoral education, I saw no evidence that he had invested in cosmetic dentistry training.

My suggestion is you look on a dentist’s website in two locations. First, their bio, to see if they have any post-doctoral training in cosmetic dentistry. Second, their smile gallery. If they don’t have one, then they are not serious about cosmetic dentistry. You want to make certain your are thrilled with the results they show on their gallery.

As for the care of your porcelain veneers, I would use Supersmile toothpaste to keep them clean, which removes stains safely. Second, make sure you keep up with your dental cleanings.

The color issue can be decided with your dentist. He or she should let you do a temporary try-in to make sure it is just what you wanted and make any changes necessary.

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