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Did an Ultra Sonic Scaler Fracture My Porcelain Veneer?

Question submitted by: Benny I had a cleaning with a magnetostrictive ultrasonic cleaner.¬† Within days of that cleaning one of my porcelain veneers has fractured. Could the ultrasonic cleaner have done this? I’ve been very careful about taking care of them so this does not make sense. Benny Dear Benny, This is a great question […]


Should I Have Gotten Porcelain Veneers While Pregnant?

Question submitted by:¬†Tamia Can you help me? I had gotten porcelain veneers. About a week later I found out that I was eight weeks preganant. I read that you are not supposed to have cosmetic dental work done while you are pregnant. Does this mean that I caused damage to my baby? Is there anything […]