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Should I Have Gotten Porcelain Veneers While Pregnant?

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Question submitted by: Tamia

Can you help me? I had gotten porcelain veneers. About a week later I found out that I was eight weeks preganant. I read that you are not supposed to have cosmetic dental work done while you are pregnant. Does this mean that I caused damage to my baby? Is there anything I can do?


Dear Tamia,

Pregnant woman at dentist for treatment


First, take a deep breath. This is going to be okay. Second, CONGRATULATIONS!! What an amazing blessing. I don’t think you have anything to worry about when it comes to getting these porcelain veneers. Often dentists are cautioned to only do dental work on pregant women in the second trimester. In the last trimester, we are trying to avoid any stress to the mother. Plus, very few women are comfortable in their last trimester and trying to sit still in a dental chair is not a welcome experience.

In the first trimester, we are trying to avoid introducing any chemicals into your body that could be harmful to the baby. You’ve got a couple of things working in your favor with this. First, the only chemical used in the porcelain veneers procedure is a local anesthetic. These type of medications are used safely throughout pregnancy and even during the delivery itself. In fact, the most common local anesthetic is Lidocaine. It is one of the very few medications that has been proven to be safe for use during pregnancy. I hope this information helps to put your mind at ease.

I recommend that you cut yourself some slack and get some rest. You’re doing work for two people now! It may be wise to go ahead and schedule a check up for sometimes during your second trimester. That would be the best time to get checked. You want to keep up with your oral health care because tooth infections have been linked with low birth weight.

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