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Is Type – 1 Diabetes a Contraindication for Dental Implants

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Question submitted by Larry:

I want to get a dental implant, but I have Type-1 Diabetes. My dentist suggested because of that a dental implant would not be a good option for me. Is there no way for a diabetic to get a dental implant? If that is so, then what would be the next best option for me?


Dear Larry,

Illustration of a dental implant


There is nothing that says if you are a type-1 diabetic that you cannot have a dental implant. However, I would not push your dentist into this. Because the one thing diabetes does do is create greater risks for you throughout the procedure, including an increased failure rate. Often, when a dentist directs you away from a procedure it means that the dentist is not as trained or comfortable performing that procedure.

Given that dental implants are an advanced procedure, you really need a dentist who has extensive post-doctoral training. This is especially true when you have more significant risks. One thing that whatever dentist you end up with will need to do is careful diagnostic work and extra attention to you throughout the procedure. If the dentist refers you to an oral surgeon, it is essential that it is the dentist who determines the placement of your dental implant, NOT the oral surgeon.

I really want to emphasize that you look for a different dentist to do this for you. There are countless dental implant horror stories by people who “talked” their dentist into doing something they just were not qualified to do.

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